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    Sky is back on. Sports and HD pack. I was wondering how best to contact them when they rang me to offer a re-connection deal. When they rang I was up a ladder in Penbryn Mynach painting two high walls on the stairs. I was in Barmouth that day (7th March) waiting for BT to activate my phone line and broadband. Within two minutes of the call ending everything was back on. I was impressed!

    Not so impressed with BT although I have to admit it’s partly (all?) my fault. I thought there was no internal wiring for a line so I booked an engineer with my order. Then they tested it and said it was internally wired and the install date moved to and from from 7th March to 19th April and back. BT were 100% right about the wiring and I did notice rather a lot of internal telephone points yesterday!! However, now we have half an install: the phone line works (private use only) but BT still have the broadband install date as 19 April. Pity they didn’t tell me that when I inquired late in the day yesterday when the broadband would be activated and they told me definitely up by 8pm. I hung around til 8pm for it to work and then went home to Wolverhampton. Another call to the helpline tonight and they identified that it wasn’t actually due until April and then promised to bring forward the date on Monday. Fingers crossed.

    Off topic but very impressed with Vodafone at the end of my contract. A genuine request for a PAC code and the polite and bubbly retentions lady was ringing me with deals that got better by the day. Bizarrely it was yesterday when I was in Barmouth that she rang with an unrefusable deal, and so all signed up for two more years.

    All in all, yesterday was a bit of a TV and phones contract day!

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