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  • Bwlch Oerddrws – Sea and Sky

    Bwlch-Oerddrws (or Cold Door Pass) is the 1200 foot high mountain pass on the A470 road from Dinas-Mawddwy to Dolgellau (or vice versa!).

    I must have travelled this road 100 times or more and it was only today on my way down to Dolgellau that I noticed a little bit of sea. I managed to stay on the road as I focussed on the disappearing sea. It’s only a bit that you can see over the smaller hills a long way right of the Cadar Idris range. When I got to Barmouth I checked out whether I was hallucinating with a local that I met for the first time today and he confirmed that you could indeed see the sea on a good day. It was a very good visibility day today but the summit of Cadar Idris still managed to keep its head under a cloud!

    Now I will be looking for the sea every time I top out and start coming down the other side of Bwlch-Oerddrws.

    A new Sky dish went up today, installed by a very friendly and knowledgeable Sky man. The old dish was slightly rusty and had also apparently been warped by the wind or otherwise moved half an inch from where it should have been. Age was estimated as about seven years or so. The new dish signal was scoring 9 out of 10 compared to the old 5 out of 10. So Sky reception should be good for many years to come. Apparently a coat of black hammerite should make the dish last longer: but would probably cost more than the dish did!

    The picture is of the car park at the top of Bwlch-Oerddrws.

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