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View from Wern Mynach

View of the old Bryn Mynach from down below on Wern Mynach

Penbryn Mynach and Twr Mynach together comprise the house formerly known as Bryn Mynach. Here is a November 2011 picture of Bryn Mynach from down below on Wern Mynach. The relatively recently built Tre Mynach can also just been seen on the right of Twr Mynach.

View of Bryn Mynach from Wern Mynach

There is still a house called Bryn Mynach very close by to the old Bryn Mynach. This new Bryn Mynach was built on a parcel of land sold off from the old Bryn Mynach in the late 1990s. And it is accessed by an entrance to the old Bryn Mynach off Bryn Mynach Road just beyond the children’s play park. If you are in the garden of Penbryn Mynach you can see the new Bryn Mynach by peeping over the green wooden fence.

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