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    It’s been a busy off season making good and replacing, cleaning, and preparing for the coming season. Christmas and New Year guests had good weeks but also had the Barmouth flooding on Friday, 3rd January. We then had an empty January and lots of short breaks in February. It’s hard to remember what we have done; should have written it down at the time! Works include professional painting of the following areas:

    1. kitchen,
    2. dining room,
    3. the enormous area that is the hall, stairs and landing,
    4. the whole of bedroom 1,
    5. the conservatory (which has lost the garish shiny orange colour!),
    6. the ensuite to bedroom 6, and
    7. the ceiling outside bedroom 4/bathroom.

    We have changed what seems like a lot of bedroom furniture but it’s only a small fraction. Bedroom 1 and bedroom 5 have been upgraded. Bedroom 4 is part way through it’s upgrade. We are just waiting for the plumber to change the wide short radiator to a taller thinner model, so that we can “use” the space better. Trevor has quoted me today for this and other plumbing jobs and I just need to get him along!

    The stove has been re-roped and the glass has been replaced so that the fire glows visibly. The bathroom carpet has been changed and the result is relatively stunning. All the other carpets were professionally cleaned just before Christmas.

    I’m sure there is lots more done. And there is always more to do! It’s all worthwhile though. I had a lovely comment from Julie of Chester and her husband last week at the completion of their second visit. They said that they had never been to a holiday cottage twice before! We look forward to seeing them again soon.

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