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    I am often extolling to guests the virtues of a quick walk up to the memorial flag that can be seen from the garden and hill facing windows of Penbryn Mynach. We call it the teaser walk as it’s quite short (about an hour at pace) and easy, yet is a good introduction to hill walking in and around Barmouth. The route is illustrated here.

    After a good day’s hard work cleaning for Mum and Dad on 17th May, it was time for an evening walk. And Dad thought Jessica (just under two and a half) could have a go at the teaser … so I could tell future guests just how easy it is! Ambitious. But post event these pictures also show just how rewarding it is.

    First of all we got waylaid talking to visiting relatives of the locals at Y Garth. We looked at the chickens and the view from their land (impressive!) and spent quite some time chatting. We had barely begun but Jessica was tired after all the talking and asked for her first “pick up me”. No! We used some distraction techniques and got her into the woods to begin the ascent. Big brother Oliver (nearly 4 and a veteran of the teaser walk) was a great help with persuading Jessica that the best way, which would give her most satisfaction, was on her own two feet.

    In early April I had done the walk and the ascent was a river from bottom to top. Today, everywhere was dry and the only hint of water was the moss. It’s a woodland walk on the way up with parts that are steep ascents. There is a viewpoint of the sea just off the path after part of the ascent. Then it’s back to it climbing higher in the woods.

    Higher up there are some steep but man made bits of climbing where Mum and Dad were glad of their walking aids! And the children literally have to climb using their hands and legs. Just before you get to the exit gate from the woods you turn right towards the flag and cairn. And depending on the weather you might spend quite some time here looking at the views. Then it’s off across the fields that the sheep maintain to the old Cellfechan buildings and off down the gentle grassy slopes down into Barmouth. Some of the paths above Barmouth are incredibly steep but this one is safe for children with the occasional steeper bit. To make things easier to get home you can turn right along Cellfechan Road and walk home that way which saves walking up hill again on the way out of town. Or you can descend into town.

    Another option, part of the way down, is to turn off the main path to the left across a lovely level looking grassy path which takes you to Dinas Oleu and some steeper descents into town. Jessica didn’t take this option on her first outing. But she had a lovely time (see the happy pics) and despite a couple more “pick up me” requests she made it all the way in her walking boots and is now extremely proud of her walking achievement. I think two and a half is on the cusp of doable. But age three and something should be easily doable. If I remember rightly it was about three hours all in, including the chatting at the start. For what is less than an hour’s walk. Jessica is rightly proud of her mountain walk and when we refer to it she says “No pick up me. I walked all by myself”.

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