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  • March snow

    Barmouth escaped the snow that hit inland north Wales very hard on Friday and Saturday (22nd/23rd). No 12 foot drifts here by the sea although the easterly winds were both damaging to property and plants and tough to endure outside. The views of the snow covered mountain tops were very pleasing but mostly we just hope that all those who are suffering from the big snow and the drifting are all ok.

    It was a great weekend to install and test the effectiveness of loft insulation in one of the three separate loft areas in the holiday cottage. I had known for a couple of months that this loft section did not have insulation and in the strong winds it did feel cold in that part of the property, despite the double glazing. After a post installation scrubdown in the shower it immediately felt warmer and I was able to enjoy the evening with the warm feelings of a job well done!

    Barmouth harbour at low tide showing the snow capped mountains.

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