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  • Cooker glass arrived!

    It was Christmas Eve 2012 and one of our Christmas guests rang with very worrying news. The cooker was not working properly. Of all the things in a holiday home not to be working on Christmas Eve this is top of the list of what any cottage owner does not want to hear. Almost impossible to replace in time for Christmas dinner. Paul explained very clearly what the problem was: the inner glass was too small and so all the hot air from the oven was circulating out of the oven and into the kitchen. Food was being cooked very unevenly. At first this news seemed very odd as we had not received a single hint of a problem with all our previous guests over the whole year. But facts are facts and we were aware from Iorwerth, the previous owner, that the glass was replaced as the original was broken. Iorwerth had simply measured the space and ordered glass to fit rather than buying the exact replacement part. As it turned out in retrospect Iorwerth’s height measurement was 3cm shorter than the original. Hence the cooking problem. Luckily for us Paul was a resourceful chap who put the time in to come up with a temporary solution to make that all important Christmas dinner cook perfectly. Matchsticks wrapped in foil were used to prop the glass up the missing three centimetres! We were very grateful.

    I ordered the exact replacement part (I hope!) on Christmas Eve from mytub. After lots of update emails from them the part finally arrived in a local pickup point today and is now in my possession. There are many bridges to cross before it is fitted but it really should be as simple as slotting it in!

    So, apologies to all who cooked in her throughout the year and thought something was up. Hopefully this year she should be cooking evenly.

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