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    The Barmouth Heritage Trail was launched in early 2014. The website contains a wealth of information and history about Barmouth, particularly the old town that predates the 1870s building of Penbryn Mynach (formerly Bryn Mynach).

    However, the trail has only recently fulfilled its potential with the upgrading of the mobile networks in the Barmouth area (the Vodafone upgrade was late 2016). Throughtout the trail are 23 QR code signposts which used to be completely useless without the ability to scan the code and go through to the relevant part of the Heritage Trail website. Well, now you can! And the local walking experience is much enhanced because of it. There are of course other things you can be doing with your mobile internet connection whilst in the area but scanning the QR codes and reading about the history of the town is strongly recommended.

    One of the QR code signposts along the way of the Barmouth heritage Trail.

    Until recently, and despite coming to the area for years, we had not walked through the old town part of the heritage trail. Embarrassing! Well, now we have, and our appreciation of Barmouth has increased. Just one piece of advice: when walking through the residential part of the trail, please stick to the public footpaths and try not to enter the myriad private paths of the densely packed cottages.

    Barmouth old town
    Part view from Barmouth old town, part kiddies enjoying the view, part old town buildings.

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